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I'm a self-taught introvert
(SuPeRxXxEdGeLoRd3's user page. Joined on May 17, 1999)

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I created this account so long ago, when I thought the username was actually cool. I'm one of this website's founders, and am also the first user page ever on the site. I've seen the community change so much, & OH BOY, it's amazing. You know, the site started off with some real mediocre feeters, but now, people are getting educated about Footers SO MUCH, the website's pretty much always very smart conversations about how to build some really cool-ass tech. Back in the day, most users were just like "lol wats this footer stuff", or if it was actually Footer-related, it'd probably be "where do i get good footer gas?", or "How do I fix this issue?". The site's gone through some real crap, such as the 2004 Gondoro hack, the 2005 Bot-Spam issue, the "Great Footer War of 2009", and the 2013 SECOND Bot-Spam issue. EDIT: & today's website new post-loading issue which shall HOPEFULLY be fixed soon. END OF EDIT. I hope y'all have a lovely day, and keep on growing and improving the community!

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Finally, an explanation for the Memer (MemErr) bug:

Posted on November 3, 2019. By SuPeRxXxEdGeLORD3:

Recently, I was asked a question about why the seemingly valid syntax, "Perform a xmove to 392, b ymove 897, createmol 2, move x xmove 329" was, in fact, invalid. I found the footer script syntax source, and could not figure it out at first. This was on October 16. I HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT! You see, there is a discrepency between the "obtain x", where x = all, and the two seperate variables, that should also equal all. When those many different commands are all on the same line, the program accidentally (which shall be fixed in the next version of the fss) requires (despite it being mentioned nowhere in the human-readable syntax manual) that you say obtain x on every line.


Announcement: Digestive Collab

Posted on October 29, 2019. By SuPeRxXxEdGeLORD3:

I just started a collab with TheRealPoundable and DubeICanCrunch about our idea to create a footer digestive system. We are going to use the molecule editor to create the shape of the system, and we're going to make the code with the Supercontroller. We haven't yet done that much, but you can view the full report Here, by TheFakePoundable (TheRealPoundable's alt).


Announcement: Some Changes

Posted on October 20, 2019. By SuPeRxXxEdGeLORD3:

Hello guys! First, i just want to thank the whole comunity for being so great! Anyway, Footer Forums is undergoing changes. We're changing servers, so the site won't be up from (hopefully only) about a day (probably October 25). We're also switching to CSS 6.22.323.1434.655823.23812732783. Be prepared, and I wish the comunity goodness!


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