Here on the CCMS store, if you want us to put any certain things available for download, comment with a download link. However, that does not guarantee (in fact, it probably NOT be here available for download) that it will be here available for download. If there are any future updates to the operating system, they will show up here.

Beta Programs

StartEditBeta100 (canceled in developement)

Main Programs

Password lock

DriverPack 1.0 (CCMS HS kernal)

General cursors

Enable gpedit.msc (group policy editor)

The Centipuss collection of wonderus frabutiles:

Edition 1


Windows classic themes

CCMS contrast themes (version 1.0.0) Virtual Assistance virtual assistance version 1.0.0 virtual assistance version 1.1.0

Secondary applications

MVA medications coming soon where gets to take medicine or medicine related things (more interesting than it sounds)!

Internet Related Things

Kumma file downloader

3D models

Centipuss in cube form (Tinkercad)

Centipuss in cube form (download)

CCMS Office

CCMS office (currently not for download) (canceled in developement)

CCMS Updates

CCMS twelly update 111 (Readme file)



CCMS Guest user account setup (beta build) (This project has been cancelled)

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