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Green Mario 64 is a fan-made video game that remakes (and adds new content to) Super Mario 64. It was created by a YouTube user named JRModdingStuff, who mainly made modifications to already existing games, or creating “simulator” games. Despite this, Green Mario 64 is not a moddification of an already existing game.

A YouTube user, named Pannenkoek2012 (secondary channel: UncommentatedPannen) has become an expert on pretty much everything in Super Mario 64. I, following in his footsteps, have (as of April 28, 2018) become an expert on Green Mario 64. To watch all of my Green Mario 64 videos, go here (or here for ZBC). Anyway, I will document and explain everything I do in those videos. Go here, for my new GM64 videos.

A bit of history


So, I began playing this game after Simpleflips (a Super Mario 64 player) made a video (here) on YouTube about Green Mario 64. He played the game casually, and did not do very many noteworthy things in the video. I searched for the game, and found the download link (taken down, but here’s my “deluxe package”: here).

I messed around considerably. Then, on April 28, 2018, I uploaded a video (here) in which I showed off some somewhat notable glitches such as going through the top of the gate due to inaccurate collision. I also slip between the small crack between the gate and the wall.

After this, I uploaded a video called “Green Mario 64 explorartion” (yes, I know I misspelled it). You can see a commentated explanation for what I did in the video here.

At this point, I knew I wanted to be an expert at this game, and thus, I did indeed become one.



20 years after the events of the original Super Mario 64, Luigi is murdered. Mario is sad about this and thus wears Luigi’s clothing and goes out to spread his ashes on the mountain in Bob-omb Battlefield, the first level of the original game. You can watch the original trailer for the game here.



The game starts you in Bob-omb Battlefield (or as the game references it, “Level 1-1 Battlefield of explosions”). The beginning section of the level (besides having an entire row of crates instead of only three) is barely different than the original Bob-omb Battlfield from Super Mario 64.

After climbing to the top of the mountain, you reach a pipe. If you go in the pipe, you end up in an unnamed area. This area is supposedly private property as a sign can tell you. Directly after this, there are two large blocks that you need to climb over to progress. In an area you’re not meant to access (as it is for visuals), there are several other blocks, and two unfathomably cartoon-ish hills. After this, there is a bridge on which you can cross over to get to the next noteworthy section, where you climb up yellow platforms to reach King Bob-omb’s castle, where you can fight him. The following cutscene dialogue after entering the pipe in the castle ensues:

King Bob-omb: “I kill Luigi, and now I will kill you, ok?”

Mario: “No, you will not.”

On-screen text: “Deafeat bom to avenge Luigi”

After this, you can fight him to spawn a goomba that, once dead, will spawn a star. After you touch the star, you can access Peach’s castle. After this, nothing else happens, as you can’t enter peach’s castle.

Coin amounts

BoBA (look in terminology section) has 99 coins.

BoBB has 49 coins

BoBC has 0/1/2/2+ coins.

Control set


You can configure which buttons are mapped to which actions on the pause menu. When I play the game, I always have to first configure the button mappings, as I don’t like the deafaults. My control scheme goes as follows:

Arrow keys move Mario.

Z is to jump.

X is to strike.

C is to crouch.

Enter/Return is to pause.

WSAD is for moving the camera.

You can also perform the following actions:

Standard jump, Double jump, Triple jump, Side-flip, Back-flip, Long jump, Punch (with either hand), Kick on ground, Kick in air, Crouch, Ground-pound, Crouch slide, Air dive, Ground dive, Dive recover.


Green Mario 64 terminology


BoBA, BoBB, and BoBC (three sections of Bob-Omb Battlefield),

ZBC (Z Button Challenge),

DR (Diver Recover),

OoB (Out of Bounds. When Mario is not above a floor.)

OoB fence (A fence used to clip Out of Bounds),

Parallel wall (the wall also used to clip OoB with the OoB fence),

Invisible staircase,

OoB upwarp,

OoB spot,



As any good game should, Green Mario 64 has many glitches. New glitches are discovered every day, so I will often update the site referencing said glitches.

Glitches in BoBA (currently no article)

Glitches in BoBB (currently no article)

Miscellaneous glitches (currently no article)

OoB spot


Z Button Challenge


The Z Button Challenge (ZBC) is a challenge in which I attempt to either complete Green Mario 64 in an Any% run, or any other arbitrary  challenge in Green Mario 64 in as little Z Button presses as possible. Here is the GM64 ZBC playlist. In the ZBC, the best way to move upwards is to DR, however, many times, a DR is still too low to even go near the height of a jump.

AHC Challenge

The AHC Challenge (Always Hold C Challenge) is a challenge in which the objective is to play the game whilst always holding the C button (to crouch). There are several other stipulations to keep it more interesting, of which you can read about here. The challenge is surprisingly difficult, mainly due to the lack of angular control of Mario while crouching.

GJI Challenge

The GJI Challenge (Glitchy Joystick Input Challenge) is a challenge designed to utilize a very interesting controler-related glitch. Read about it here.


The Mystery Coins

The “Mystery Coins”…