The country of Freetorieo


States and cities

1: State Of Carl (capital) 2: Cappilary 3: Jibroe City
4: Clipbroad Cap 5: Jimbonjoe 6: Slifull 7: Chipon
8: Sivler Island (connected to the mainland by Koku Bridge)


Basic information


Freetorieo is the the best country to live in on the planet Neptune. It is owned by Mablethorp studios. We attempt at Freetorieo to have a fair demcocracy where people can vote and start petitions to make change. The governor is the highest position official. Here, it is illegal to say the incredibly profound word, “app”. We have a bank for currency called the “Bank Of Freetorieo”.


Want to come here to our country? Fly here on a round flying metal object by calling the phone number “444-444-4444” to talk to Centipuss Blue Nepti and telling him that you want to come to Freetorieo.




Country code: Tcofrtryosocjj

Capital: State Of Carl

Least important state: Cappilary

Best state (economy-wise): State Of Carl

Worst state (economy-wise): Jibroe City

Currency: Gorgian currency