Back in 2015, the somehow 3 year old mad scientist, Dr. Isencower created 5 entities. They were the following: Bird1, Bird2, Hummingbird, Cower, and Cower2. Then, the birds attempted an escape, and Cower2 decided to assist in escaping. But then, Cower2 found out that the birds secretly wanted him dead. The birds had teamed up with these two random sentient bombs they found out in the desert. The birds and the (non-nuclear powered) bombs tried to kill Cower2, but he found a gun that shoots apples, oddly enough, and tried to kill the birds with it.


This was the first main game I ever programed, so it’s kind of (incredibly, expoenintialy) small and basic: Cower 2 (preferably used on google chrome).