A story and such…:


In the universe, SEDCETI (universe ID in multiverse), the Milky way galaxy, the solar group #32, THE PLANET OF NEPTUNE, there was a country known as Freetorieo. A man named Winescothen doverbury sat down in his State of carl (the Freetorian capital state) homemade chair and began to watch politics. The following non-expositioned dialog was heared on channel 4, the news channel:


“Well, if Simmeriai bracketsman thinks bribery is… Uuummm… Going to work to stop this war from happening, then he dosen’t quite know the cricket’s general way of thinking…”

“It.. It seems that he’s imagining the cricket terrorists to be stupid, greedy… Uhh… (clears throat)… Assholes, but he’s not getting that they need- (cut off from channel changing)”


He changes to channel 2, the comedy channel, only to hear the foot show singing this song:


“It seems today
That all you see
is crap-kid-stuff and cell-phones and hype on TV
But where is that good old fashioned greatness
on which we used to rely
Lucky there’s a cacacacow
Lucky there’s a boy who
Positively can do all the things that have us
Laugh and laugh


Meanwhile, Centipuss, while indexing the people he knows, continues to go through the list in NEPTUNIAN “GREATNESS”. He is working on some kind of water-blasting air-vehicle. Here is some of his dialog:


“I demand to have this text in bold, or I shall… I shall… I shall.. uhh.. attempt to do something interesting!… Ha! It seems that this… Uhh.. Device.. This device of sorts is not quite going swimmingly in its development as it would appear… No exponential worries though, for I shall do something to soothe my worries into some kind of strange metaphorical pit of sorts…”


“Classic” (overused word) dialog:


I guess I still have to keep writing in my old style, so… You should come to Neptune to see it (the planet)! Nonsensical rambling: They’ve got clear and good prices of sorts. It’s all nice! Cool babies are good on a summer and/or winter day…