We, Mablethorp studios, have got our name from an ancestor named Margery Mablethorp. She was born in about the 1330s or 1340s. I liked her name so I made that our company name. I guess, technically it’s not a real company but I don’t care… Oh, wait. it is! Nevermind… We are mostly a game making studio and software developer team. The owner of our company is my sister (cat), named Snowfeet behling. I, Simon behling, am the manager. Centipuss, our main character was not originally ours. It was from that game, Battle cats. Although, then, he was called Bahumut cat. I liked Centipuss better, so I changed it to that. Also, then, he did have quite a character redesign. So that’s most of what we are (well said). CCMS Stands for “Centipuss Computing Mablethorp Studios”.


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ALSO, check out our social media: Simon behling twitter account


Other things we do

We do quite a large quantity of things, ’cause it’s enjoyable to focus on many different topics. Just look at all the different pages we have created.