3D Mix Version 7.82.92 New Features

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Realistic Double Sourced-Textures

The graphics engine has been updated to produce more realistic double-sourced textures. We also changed the real 3d-light engine to have more realistic integration.

True Anti-Aliasing Integration with Scripts

The scripting API now allows easier, better integrated anti-aliasing APIs.

New Object Handling Engine

Objects now use the RealObject engine, instead of the legacy OBJ Handler. There's a new scripting API for it, too. Click here to learn the new API.

More Optimized Particle System

The particle system uses the new Particle API to draw and handle particles. Click here to learn the new API.

Fully Integrated Light-Temperature System

The light-color system is obsolete. Use the Real-Light API (used for the light-temperature system). Click here to learn the new API.


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