I'm Centipuss

Trust me.                                                                                           version: 9

I'm the neptunian named Centipuss. there would be a Wikipedia article on me but why (go to https://mablethorp-studios.wikia.com/wiki/Centipuss)? We're also the company, Mablethorp studios. Oh, those pictures of that black and white cat are Mr.cat, one of our workers. Yah

So, you want to have a succsesful bussness?

_|_ (middle finger)

Why are you lookin' here for answers?

We don't possess ALL the knowlage, like how to spell that word...

Just use B, if you know what I'm sayin'... Ok, that was terrible...

Fine... Come here: http:\\www.centipuss.com/fata

Happy Funtime Friends is now on its 1000000↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑10000000000 episode, & on its 1000↑↑↑3 video game (Yay-way Yay-way Way-yay). Watch and play that media or else I will either kill you, or... Well, I dunno...


Centy going to Mercury!?!

Yah you heard us right, he's going to Mercury! In this picture, he's thinking about how he could build his spaceship to go to there!


3D Centipuss(not)

Also, here's our game, 3D Centipuss(not):

For more imformation, look at the page (idiot).




Zizzlezee Zizzle

Check out videos from the YouTube channel Zizzlezee Zizzle:

'Tis no longer Christmas and such...


Instead of using the Christmas-y color, I shall use my normal color, "Tangerine". OH, but NOW I'm using the "Blush" color scheme.

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